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Clarendon Suites

The Clarendon

The Clarendon, Bantry Bay, isn't a hotel that shouts. It whispers, rewards, relaxes, and enchants. A sure sign of a successful boutique hotel? Half the faces at the sunny breakfast tables are returning guests.

Experience the Clarendon for yourself. Sweeping sea views, warm 5-star hospitality, a perfect wind-free location, and the intimate luxurious charm will make it difficult to stay anywhere else in Cape Town.

This haven attracts a discerning clientele. They appreciate the effortless elegance, understated luxury, personal touches, and clockwork efficiency of a hotel that anticipates their needs and keeps surprising them.

Discreet global honeymooners seeking a low-profile hideaway, international empty-nesters looking for a quiet, pampered break, and even visiting celebrities seeking time out of the spotlight – all find their perfect escape here. The Clarendon offers a separate dedicated entrance, exclusive zone, and perfect confidentiality for those seeking privacy.

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