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Clifton Sunsets

Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa

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Property Description


● 4 bedrooms (5 beds)  

● 3 bathrooms  

● Solar-powered 

● Infinity Pool ( heated )  

● BBQ 

● Spa  

● WiFi  

● Housekeepers  

● 2 car Garage  


Come experience pure relaxation at our solar-powered Clifton Sunset bungalow. Enjoy stunning views from our  infinity pool, indulge in outdoor dining at our lush yard with a BBQ spot, and relax in the comfort of our four  beautifully designed indoor-outdoor rooms. And for that extra pampering, don't miss out on our exclusive beauty  spa for guests. It's the perfect escape for ultimate relaxation. Oh, and don't worry about the pool getting chilly - we've got a pool heater to keep it warm for you! 

The Space 

Nestled in the peaceful heart of Clifton, our little hideaway promises an unforgettable stay. Surrounded by lush  greenery, the view from our place is seriously breathtaking. We've put together a blend of modern vibes and natural  charm, creating a cool indoor-outdoor living vibe that's all about relaxation. 

Each of our four rooms is super cozy, with air conditioning to keep things just right. And if you're a fan of outdoor  cooking, perfect spots for firing up the BBQ whenever you're in the mood. 

Oh, and we're really big on sustainability. We've got these slick solar panels and inverters set up, making sure we  keep the power flowing without messing with the planet. So, come on over and soak in the easy elegance at Clifton  Sunset. Plus, our pool is heated for our guests' enjoyment! 

Guest access 

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Clifton Sunset bungalow, a serene haven crafted with a harmonious blend of  rustic elegance and contemporary design. For your convenience and security, upon arrival, our dedicated  housekeeping staff, guided by your host, Danie, will provide you with remotes for both the garages and gates,  ensuring effortless access throughout your visit. 

Should you require any assistance or clarification, our team, spearheaded by co-host Jacques, stands ready to assist,  ensuring your stay is both peaceful and safe. We invite you to immerse yourself in the sublime indoor-outdoor  ambiance and appreciate amenities such as our captivating infinity pool and verdant garden complete with dual BBQ  areas. 

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability is evidenced by our solar panels and inverters, guaranteeing a  consistent power supply for an undisturbed experience.

Other things to note 

1. We strive to ensure our guests have a stress-free and enjoyable experience, offering an all-inclusive stay  with fully equipped amenities including kitchen utensils, linens, towels, and toiletries. 

2. lf you wish to show appreciation to our diligent housekeepers, tipping after check-out would be greatly  appreciated as we aim for our guests to feel entirely at home with all their needs met. 

3. Please use caution when operating the glass door on the patio. Ourafter check-out would be greatly  appreciated as we aim for our guests to feel entirely at home with all their needs met. 

4. Please use caution when operating the glass door on the patio. Our host or housekeeper will provide  guidance on its proper usage. 

5. We kindly ask that you retract pool umbrellas during the evening to prevent any accidental falls into the  pool. 

6. You will be provided with two house keys. We urge you to take care not to misplace them, as there will be a  replacement fee. 

7. Galt has come to our attention that some children have attempted to use the kitchen counter as a jumping  platform. Please be advised that sitting or jumping on the counter is not permitted and may result in  charges. 

8. For families with children, we recommend placing TV remotes out of reach, such as on top of the fireplace,  to avoid any accidental adjustments. 

9. As a safety precaution, please ensure the garage remains closed at all times. Instances of guests leaving the  garage open have occurred, and we strive to prevent such incidents from happening. 

10. Swimming Pool Heater: We've got a heater to keep it nice and warm for you guys. The cover's there to help  trap that warmth in, so please avoid jumping on it. We definitely don't want any tears or damage to spoil the  fun! Enjoy your swim, but remember to take it easy on the cover!

Property Details

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Property Location

Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa

Specific address will be released upon booking.

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